• Friday 12 April, at 8.30 pm,

the “Torre d’Oro Festival”, a social theater review organized by the Teatro Mio of Vico Equense and which will be held at the Aequa Cineteatrospazioarte, reaches its twenty-second edition. The show “L’Acquario” will be on stage ” by Claudio Grattacaso. Vico EquenseNext

  • Saturday 13 April 2024,

the appointment is at 4 pm in the square in Seiano, Vico Equense, for an easy 7 km excursion that will lead from Seiano to Montechiaro as part of the “The 13 Doors of Vico Equense” program.

  • April 13.2024 until May 26.2024

Exhibition “In the Sign of Tradition: the goldsmith’s art of Gerardo Sacco””Portraits of Made in Italy: Art and Culture for export” During the entire year 2024, Sorrento will become the capital of Made in Italy. Fondazione Sorrento, in collaboration with the Municipality, has organized a series of events and exhibitions dedicated to the famous Italian brand. The event entitled “Portraits of Made in Italy: Art and Culture for export”


  • From 9 May to 23 May Sorrento the international sailing capital

Sorrento will be the capital of sailing in 2024, from 9 to 23 May with the IMA (International Maxi Association) European Championship for maxi yachts and the Mediterranean one for ORC. The Municipality of Sorrento has renewed its willingness to host the event in its marina.


  • June 09.2024 On the Sorrento Coast

Every second Sunday of the month, in Piano di Sorrento, the Earth Market activated by Slow Food Campania takes place, in the covered fruit and vegetable market in Art Nouveau style from the late 19th century. The producers present are those of the Slow Food Presidia and the Land and Sea Food communities of the Sorrento Peninsula,



A unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of these fabulous places: Isle of Capri, Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Vesuvius.

August 2024 The three tenors in Sorrento: Museo Correale di Terranova

Sorrento, Museo Correale di Terranova – Hall of Mirrors






Today we want to introduce you to one of the most evocative yet little known archaeological sites in Sorrento.

“The planting of nymphaeums and fish ponds”

We find the remains of the structures built at sea level that were part of the complex of the Villa of Agrippa Postumo (nephew of the Emperor Augustus) I century. BC, an extraordinary Roman Domus.

  • The maritime layout of the villa was the most important element and is made up of a Major Nymphaeum, which was entirely covered with mosaic, and a Minor Nymphaeum, covered with glass mosaic, both located in the tufaceous ridge under the current Villa Pompeiana.
  • Inside the nymphaeum there were waterfalls thanks to a complex hydraulic system The bare and well-smoothed rock is the dominant element, but where the tufaceous rock was missing, the construction technique of the reticulate was adopted (opus reticulatum or reticolatum) still clearly visible .
  • The remains of the nymphaeums, dating back to the second half of the second century. a.c., which constitute the most extraordinary ensemble of this kind of works that is preserved today, is accessible on foot via a small path that passes behind the bathing establishments of the beach of San Francesco. The beach can be reached on foot or by lift from the Villa Comunale in the historic center of Sorrento or from the Marina Piccola (the Port of Sorrento from where hydrofoils leave for the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida, Positano, Amalfi and Naples.

The fish pond, on the other hand, can only be visited by sea, at the time the sea water was about one meter lower as can be seen from many structures that are now submerged, including the walkways inside the cave.

  • In the Roman civilization, as in the Greek one, nymphaeum refers to those structures where people stopped, banquets were set and where moments of otium were spent.
  • The fish pond was a fish farming system widely used by the ancient Romans and was used to preserve freshly caught fish in artificial tanks, in order to keep it alive until consumed, or to preserve it through the salting process.
  • The more than 2,000 years of history, the looting and the storms, have pulverized much of this extraordinary home. But still today, by carefully observing the tunnels, the artificial canals where the water sources gushed out and the now bare nymphaeums with crystallized salt between the lines of the opus reticulatum, you can glimpse a piece of Sorrento history.


A small memory, a story of a short stay, a holiday between sea and land, an experience at Casa Mazzola Bed and Breakfast.

A customer, a friend who, after a short stay at Casa Mazzola, wanted to share his experience, moments of relax, with us and with you.

A small video but a great gift for those who want to spend a stay at Casa Mazzola Bed and Breakfast, directly from the camera, from the phone of a guest who has decided to film and share moments at Casa Mazzola.

Watch this video and choose a stay at Casa Mazzola Sorrento Italy.






At Casa Mazzola Bed and Breakfast Sorrento  we always look for:

• Amaze
• Innovation
• Research of materials
• Art
• Contemporary art
• Stand ou, be different t in a world full of Bed and breakfast, Hotel, apartmets  that are all the same
Garden design

We always try to create new things, an art that goes well with:

• Nature (plastic free)
• Recycling
Use of eco-compatible materials
• Use of materials modeled by the force of nature, such as stones, pieces of trees, plants
• Sophisticated, common and particular plants
• Elements of a recent past
• Glass

We try to make ourselves available to nature in a sustainable and zero-impact way, respecting our planet and the nature that surrounds us
We try to improve our Sorrento city  and our world.

Contact Casa Mazzola Bed and Breakfast, visit our official webpage



Thank you all,

After 18 years we continue to improve and we are amply rewarded with your friendship and with your always positive reviews, this is important for us you always push us to improve and every year to increase services.
Also in this difficult year 2020/2021 (covid) we try to open stronger than before by improving Casa Mazzola B&B more and more.

We are lucky to live in beautiful places that must be visited at least once in a lifetime like.

• Sorrento
• One of the seven wonders, the Amalfi Coast, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.
• Pompeii
• The blue island, Capri
• The always unique city of Naples
• The excavations of Herculaneum
• The volcano, Vesuvius
• Two pearls in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia and Procida
• But above all what distinguishes us is the welcome, always sincere, always at the top always ready to make you spend a unique stay, this means a stay in Sorrento, this means booking at Casa Mazzola B&B

Thank you all


With the love for art, trying to amaze, to make animated and beautiful inanimate things, when respecting nature the colors and things that surround us and that we love we create new shapes, new objects, new emotions for everyone, this for we are an art form a creed an emotion that we try to share with our friends, our present and future guests.

In short At B&B Casa Mazzola in Sorrento, we do not limit ourselves to a stay but we always try to give something more, a memory of a holiday, a happy moment, an emotion, a joy, we try with art, with the our rooms, with our panorama of the gulf of Naples, with a real Italian Hospitality,  with our garden always green, always full of colors and life, all this is Casa Mazzola B&B.

Over the years we have always tried to do more, now our B&B is like a small art gallery full of small and large works, full of life, ideas and always with an eye to respect for the nature that surrounds us.

Our future goal is to become greener, zero emissions, zero harmful products, using the sun, nature and love for our work.

Visit Sorrento, Capri, Pompeii  and the Amalfi coast (Positano,Amalfi and Ravello)  Red our Feedback:  STAY AT CASA MAZZOLA Bed and Breakfast  


In one of our rooms of the B&B , entirely dedicated to the sea, you will find small and large finely crafted and hand-painted inserts, passing from the central chandelier of the room depicted by a fish, to small sea fish on the walls, to remind you that Sorrento, the Amalfi coast they are lands of sea and sun, lands unique in the world that wait, welcome visitors from all over the world in a unique and professional way.

This absence of tourists given by Covid made us reflect and perhaps enjoy and respect our lands, nature, the sea, the sky, we with art want to remind you, our friends, past and future guests to help our seas , and respect the environment, we want everyone to enjoy.

We are expecting new friends at the Bed and Breakfast shortly, always hoping that the Covid situation in the world will pass soon, hoping that the United States, South America, Brazil, Argentina, India and all the other countries in the world still in difficulty will overcome soon as the our and your Italy this bad and difficult moment.

We with art, with some photos of our panoramas, hope to do something pleasing to those who cannot travel but at least can follow us on this path together.


See you soon. We miss you


A small sign at the entrance, to remind those who enter our Bed and Breakfast in Sorrento that you are Welcome, our dear artist Luigi on a wooden panel over 100 years old wanted to write to our guests that you are welcome. Above the face of the tree, remembering that at Casa Mazzola in addition to art, comfort, all the services we offer, quality, typical Italian hospitality, we must not forget that nature, the environment is essential for complete relaxation and we want to remind everyone to respect it.

With a cleaner environment, breathable air, respecting our countries and our cities, we live better and certainly longer, this face placed on an olive tree at the entrance of our Bed and Breakfast wants to remember this, help us to respect Nature

In the Sorrento Peninsula, as in the Amalfi Coast, there is a lot of greenery and sea, the air is good, but we must still respect all this.


During this forced closing period, our actions to improve Casa Mazzola Bed and Breakfast continue to be vigorous, always focused on art, diversity, uniqueness, always trying to create beautiful and unique things for our friends and for our future guests, who will choose to travel to Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Naples and the beautiful Island of Capri.

In this sun cover called Il Volo, the journey is reported, the flight of birds that want to spend their migration to Sorrento, the white color symbolizes the cleanliness of the flight,  the blue of the birds is the color of the sky with its a thousand shades.


Casa Mazzola B&B will open again in July with some reservations, hoping that those who travel again to our beautiful Italy, want to see, taste something different and unique as in our Bed and Breakfast, choosing a structure like ours, familiar, artistic, quiet, which offers a unique panorama of the coast, a view of the Gulf of Naples and all services that make an unforgettable holiday.






Work is continuing in this period of shut down  to make the Casa Mazzola Sorrento Bed and Breakfast more and more beautiful, more and more artistic, offering always different things to our past and future friends.

In this wall or artistic work it was covered with particular Apulian stones, chosen for the very particular yellow color, from ancient glass tiles dating back to the beginning of the century, glass mosaics (made by Luigi), Cave Canem mosaics, recalling Pompeii the Romans and our history.

Cave Canem, literally “beware of the dog”, is used spiritually nowadays as a warning sign at the entrance of the houses to say “beware of the dog”.

The writing derives from a famous mosaic recalling the cave canem which is found in the archaeological excavations of Pompeii, on the entrance floor of the Casa del Poeta.