What does an Italian do at home, this period where everything is closed, everything is suspended, in Italy and therefore also at Casa Mazzola Bed and Breakfast, we spend time like this.

We pass by breakfast with Pancake and Maple syrup given by one of our Canadian friends from Toronto, thanks to Carmela, to start a total cleaning session, every day we do Easter cleaning, we arrive at lunchtime, where you all become MasterChef, there is a transformation, we are all connoisseurs of cuisine, we make all the traditional dishes and why not, even some sought-after dishes, seen on Alessandro Borghese’s 4 restaurants program, in short, we all become Michelin star cooks. Let’s not forget the good traditions of Sorrento, a limoncello never hurts.

The afternoon around 16: 00/17: 00, as in England, but instead of tea, a nice coffee with a nice homemade St. Joseph’s zeppolina, and cooked in the oven to stay light, but with lots of cream on.

In the evening, we return to the stove, the fundamental question is which animal to eat, the Friday Fish … during the week a nice sausage and broccoli, a hamburger with grilled vegetables, a fried chicken breast, but let’s not forget that we are in Italy, a nice bottle of red wine that reconciles sleep.

The important thing is to stay at home to avoid the spread of the virus, we hope that when it ends and hopefully soon, we will be able to get out of the door.

After 3 weeks locked in the house, we need new ideas, to know, YOU AT HOME WHAT YOU DO ??


#iorestoacasa #tuttoandràbene


The Casa Mazzola bed and breakfast in Sorrento wants to share with our friends, past and future guests, a memory, one of the reasons why visiting Italy, why Italy is so beautiful, why we must all visit Italy.

Staying in Sorrento also means visiting one of the most beautiful places in the world such as the Amalfi coast. After breakfast with local products, a breathtaking view of Sorrento from the terrace of the Casa Mazzola Bed and Breakfast, Luigi shared information on what and how to visit the Amalfi coast.

The first stop in Positano, walking through the historic center you will reach the sea where you can admire one of the most beautiful village  in Italy, taste one of the typical sweets of the coast such as the Delizia al limone, the Amalfi coast is the custon of a tradition of production of Typical lemons. After several stops along the coast, a UNESCO heritage site, you pass from Praiano to Amalfi, where you can admire the duon and the enchanting Ferriere valley with its cascades of crystal clear water.

After Amalfi you just have to visit Ravello, the upper part of the Amalfi coast, do not miss the visit to Villa Ruffolo and the gardens of Villa Cimbrone with the terrace of the Infinity “”Infinito”””.

When this difficult  period has passed, come and visit, we hope soon #iorestoacasa #andratuttobene




At Casa Mazzola Bed and Breakfast Sorrento we fight the Coronavirus while staying at Home, #iostoacasa is the time to do some  work, some housework planned for years, Luigi our dear crazy artist, shows us how to spend time creatively, we stay at HOME, we help our medical friends to win against the bad virus.

I will update you soon on how this artistic work will be completed.   From the Casa Mazzola Bed and Breakfast in Sorrento we look forward that this period will pass soon and we can go back to travel and to stay together.



Un viaggio condiviso  dopo un soggiorno nel nostro Bed and Breakfast Casa Mazzola, due cari amici che dopo una settimana di soggiorno, dopo aver visitato le nostre bellissime zone, come Positano, Capri, la Costiera Amalfitana, le rovine uniche di Pompei, hanno condiviso questo memoria con noi.

Sono passati 3 anni da quando questo video il nostro Bed and Breakfast è cambiato, è migliorato molto, ma abbiamo sempre mantenuto la nostra personalità, la nostra cura per i nostri cari amici … Ospiti, abbiamo aumentato i nostri servizi, spero che tu venga quest’anno per rimanere in tanti e per trascorrere le tue vacanze a Sorrento nella nostra azienda.

Per favore condividi questo video e scrivi quello che pensi, grazie a tutti :))

Casa Mazzola Bed and Breakfast Sorrento



Il bed and breakfast Casa Mazzola Dopo 16 anni di impegno e lavoro costante, curando ogni minimo particolare, cercando di soddisfare al massimo gli ospiti, offrendo ogni anno nuovi servizi, nuove consigli come agevolare le visite dei luoghi più belli di Italia, come Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, le rovine di Pompei, la bellissima ed unica isola di Capri, la città di Napoli, con questo impegno, abbiamo raggiunto con il portale un punteggio di gradimento di 9.8, ringraziamo tutti i Nostri ospiti della fiducia che ci avete dato, dell’amore condiviso e di aver creduto nel Bed and Breakfast Casa Mazzola, Noi a Sorrento continuiamo a lavorare per migliorare e vi aspettiamo, garzie ancora B&B Casa Mazzola Sorrento.