Amalfi coast

We are offering a private tour starting from Casa Mazzola Bed and Breakfast Sorrento Beginning with POSITANO, we will thread through the streets alive with shops and cafes.  Gaze upon the unique mosaic of buildings layered down to the beaches.  On the way to Amalfi we can stop for photos of the precarious cliffs that appear to be tumbling into the sea.  AMALFI is one of the four Italian port cities that takes its turn hosting the the annual Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics  every 4 years. (Genoa, Pisa and Venice are the other three locations).  This is a memorable city with a beautiful coastal waterfront. The bustling pace is lively, cheerful, and rich with color. Afterword, a 5 mile drive up the mountain reveals stately RAVELLO, offering staggering vistas from every angle. The diverse, lush gardens offer a feast for the eyes and senses. Be inspired by the dizzying view from the Balcony of Infinity a panorama that will swell in your heart forever. Long known for producing the area s best wines, it would be a shame not to stop for a taste or two…On your request we can also stop to Pompeii or Vesuvious mountain or Herculaneum ruins. For more information about our price and special offer contact info@casamazzola.it


We organizing a daily  tour  of Capri island, private and shared  aboard our private boat (known as a Sorrento gozzo a typical boat made only in Sorrento). We will take you from Sorrento to Capri. Thrill to gain passage to this exceptional island jutting out of the Mediterranean Sea.   Recognized as a holiday spot for internationally celebrated stars, Capri will enrapture you with its sparkling shops on pretty winding streets. A ride on a chairlift to the top of Monte Solaro will take you 589 m above sea level. Imagine gazing all around the island at the impossibly blue sea, the horizon ornamented with views of the islands of Ischia and Procida, the bay of Naples including Mount Vesuvious, and a taste of the Amalfi coast. We would be pleased to cruise around the perimeter of the island viewing Anacapri, the Blue Grotto, the Arco Naturale, and through the Faraglioni. On your request we can also stop to Positano or near the Galli islands. For more information about our price and special offer info@casamazzola.it

Naples & Caserta Royal Palace

Naples the most particular city in the world, perfumes, colors, history and folklore will make you fall in love.

Caserta Royal palace, paintings, marbles, unique furnishings, gardens with fountains unique in the world.

We organize excursions for both Naples and Caserta, can be private or shared, with the pick up directly at the bed and breakfast Casa Mazzola.

It will be a pleasure to walk in the historic center of Naples, eat Pizza, visit Cristo Velato, the Duom, walk along the sea and stop for a coffee near the Castle, breathe the sea.For more information info@casamazzola.it

Pompei - Vesuvio - Ercolano

Pompeii ruins  is one of the most famous  archeological sites in the world,  immerse yourself completely in Roman history and art,  walk  through the villas of Herculaneum , breathtaking views from the top of Mount Vesuvius.

The excursion of Pomepii, Herculaneum  and Vesuvius is very flexible, you can choose only a site like Pompeii, or two like Pompeii and Vesuvius, or Herculaneum and Vesuvius.

The excursions are both private, with driver pick up at the Bed and Breakfast or shared, always with the pick up included.  For more information info@casamazzola.it


In the Sorrento Peninsula and on  the Amalfi coast, there are several  trekking paths between nature and the historic streets.  Here are some of the main ones:  We suggest the visit with our official guide or by your own with our information, for more you can contact info@casamazzola.it


1-Path of the Gods is on  Amalfi coast, between the towns of  Bomerano and Nocelle above Positano and the Amalfi coast,  inserted in the heritage of humanity for its geographical beauties.  It extends on average around 500 meters,  above sea level and offers a wonderful view of Positano Capri and the Amalfi coast sea side.  Often we tend to call the Path of the Gods also the path that leads from Santa Maria di Castello to Bomerano, dividing between the path of the high gods and the path of the low gods (the one precisely from Bomerano to Nocelle), but the most famous and famous is definitely the so-called  “low”, as well as the most suitable from the point of view of tradition and beauty.  Starting from Bomerano , about 2 hours of walking between beautiful landscapes and uncontaminated nature and amazing points of panoramic view , you reach Nocelle, a small village just above Positano.

2-Punta Campanella path is about an hour on the north side of Promontorium inervae, which separates the Gulf of Naples from the Gulf of Salerno. From Piazza Santa Croce in Termini take Via Campanella, after about 400 meters, continue right towards the ancient Via Minerva, a Greek-Roman mule track built in the fourth century. B.C. The vegetation becomes gradually more sparse and we begin to glimpse the island of Capri, while on the right appears the Tower of Fossa di Papa and the tower and the lighthouse of Punta Campanella. The towers were used for the sighting of the pirates and was part of a system of watchtowers and defense towers built along the coast and inside the Sorrento Peninsula. A bell was ringed on it in the event of an alarm and this is probably the origin of the name of Punta Campanella. Seen from here, Capri appears so close that it seems to be able to touch it.

3- The Vallone delle Ferriere  and waterfall path is above Amalfi town . The name derives from the presence of medieval ironworks. The area is also known as Vallone dei Mulini due to the presence in the final part of the path of water-powered mills that were used for the production of the famous Amalfi paper . The starting point of the route is the village of Pontone, a small fraction of Scala, 225 meters above sea level, or from the central square of Amalfi. You will reach the first ironworks and the Torreto Canneto. The downhill path will lead you directly to Amalfi along the river and passing through the ruins of mills and waterfalls. Before starting the descent, you will pass by the  Integral Reserve where grow the last specimens of Woodwardia radicans, fern dating back to the age of the glaciations, which still survives here thanks to the particular type of fresh and humid environment.